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Send a Virtual Postcard!

Sending a postcard is very easy, just follow the steps below.

1. Click on the image that you want to send.

2. Fill in the form that appears.  Make sure that you get the recipient's email address correct!

3. Preview the card. You can still make any changes if you want to.

4. Send it!

Default Settings

Only the image and caption has been specified in these cards

This one uses Macromedia Flash

Java applets

An example of using a simple java applet
This will not work immediately!
To use, download JTed from http://www.jted.com and extract into a directory named JTed underneath the sendcard directory.

The fewest options possible to use with sendcard

This uses a very simplified form to only present the options you find on many commercial e-card sites, such as Hallmark.



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